6 Summer Coolers that your grandmother used to make!

6 Summer Coolers that your grandmother used to make!

Gone are the days when summer was about vacations, gully cricket and last minute holiday homework. Now is the time for success and nutrient-loss, a time to brave the heat strokes and deal with dehydration, simply because Monday is a working day.

So, in order to help beat this heartless Indian heat, we asked 6 grannies (Who will remain unnamed) for their favourite summer-time concoctions. Enjoy!

Nongu Sherbet

Nongu or the Palmyra fruit is a juicy fruit with an abundance of tender flavours. Amama Awesome’s Nongu Sherbet makes for the perfect thirst-quencher when the sun’s got you defeated. It’s also super healthy and easy to make.

Which is why it’s one of the coolest traditional mocktails ever! Pun intended.  

Gondhoraj Gol

The Bengali buttermilk, a magical summer refresher, with curd, black salt, iced water, sugar and a generous squeeze-ing of the prized Gondhoraj lime. This is an old-school concoction with unusual flavours that will feel like a gentle hug from Nani, herself.

Ragi Ambali

A tall glass of Ragi Ambali is all you really need to beat a searing summer day, in Karnataka. This traditional classic is technically a health drink and an energy drink, all-in-one. So the next time you’re feeling drained and dehydrated, remember what Ajji used to say… “Drink this putta, you’ll be fine.”


Paatima’s Panakam is the quintessential, South Indian, summer cooler. Imagine the sweetness of jaggery, the fragrance of Cardamom, a punch of ginger and a dash of pepper, all blended together to make a drink that puts most other thirst-quenchers to shame. Wouldn’t that be something?

Imli ka Amlana

Is it possible to deal with a summer in Rajasthan without your Dadisa’s help? No, it is not.

That’s why the Grandmothers of Rajasthan created the Imli ka Amlana. A delicious mix of sweet, spicy and sour flavours, crafted to hydrate the body, fulfil the mind and quench the soul.



Jilnu oru Jigarthanda, pleeeease!

Madurai born and Madurai made - Jigarthanda is an iconic milk drink (and movie) that can put a smile on anyone’s face. This summer beverage is made with chilled milk, kadal paasi (google it), nannari syrup, almond raisins, basundi and some ice cream. Yes, ice cream.

A drink that will cool the body and warm your heart, all at the same time.

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