About Us

Chicley Shop, formerly part of Havenow Foodtech and acquired by Pushkar Confectionery & Spices(Pushkar C&S), is a confectionery and snacks brand that empowers rural communities by providingemployment opportunities to both women and men. They specialize in creating authentic food products through a combination of traditional knowledge and innovative techniques. Chicley Shop collaborates with local communities and leverages technology to scale production and marketing, aiming to reintroduce the science behind traditional Indian foods into the mainstream FMCG/Retail industry. With a wide range of enticing confectioneries and snacks, Chicley Shop offers a contemporary twist to age-old culinary delights.

As part of Pushkar C&S, Chicley Shop is known for its flagship product, Imli Lolly, and is dedicated to reviving the rich confectionery and snacks heritage of India. By blending the wisdom of the past with modern tastes and preferences, they deliver a unique range of food products. Join them in exploring the captivating flavors of tradition reinvented for today's discerning consumers. Indulge in Chicley Shop's offerings and experience the perfect harmony of authentic flavors and contemporary innovation.

We Believe

At Chicley Shop, we are dedicated to bringing the traditional, regional, and healthy Indian food products back into the mainstream FMCG/CPG industry. Our mission is to reintroduce the age-old wisdom of delicious and nutritious snacks that were once a part of our daily lives. We understand that these snacks, which our mothers and grandmothers lovingly made for us and the treats we enjoyed from local stores, have become distant memories. With families becoming more nuclear and busy with city life, access to these snacks has dwindled. That's why Chicley Shop was born to bring back those mouth-watering and wholesome snacks to you.

We believe in preserving the authentic flavors and recipes that have stood the test of time. Our aim is to earn your trust by delivering convenient access to these nostalgic snacks, which evoke a sense of joy and connection to our rich culinary heritage. Join us on this delightful journey as we curate and create a diverse range of snacks that blend tradition, health, and taste. Experience the pleasure of reliving those special moments with every bite, as Chicley Shop brings the flavors of tradition and nostalgia right to your doorstep.

Our Impact


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Creation of Parallel Industry & Opportunitiesfor Lakhs of Women & Households

By rediscovering the food of the good old times and employing rural women,utilising their local culinary skills to develop and manufacture food, We havecreated a parallel industry for rural women to form and work in communities.

Team Work


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A team that is focussed & hardworking